Cooloola Christian College - Gympie School - Outdoor Education
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CCC offers an engaging and excellent education for children from 2 ½ years
to Year 12


"I got to the overhang and my fingers were killing me. One of my legs was shaking constantly and the sweat on my palms made it hard to hang on. How was I going to get over this part of the cliff and make it to the top? I heard a voice - 'Reach up and to the left - there's a good hold there. Put your weight over your feet.' It was my belayer, Doug, holding the rope tight and seeing the path I should take, when I could not. 'Come on Tracey - you can do it!' I heard, and, pushed on by encouragement and advice, I reached up and got my feet over the hardest part of the climb."

We talk and read and think about the stuff that makes up relationships every day. Trusting and being trustworthy is one of the important parts of any relationship. Through the activities of Outdoor Education, students get the opportunity to learn and grow in their relationships - within themselves, with the community they are part of, with the environment, and most importantly with the Creator of it all.

Students in Year 8 experience Outdoor Education, which then runs as an elective in Years 9 and 10. Over a two-year period, students experience climbing, abseiling, canoeing, first aid, expedition planning, survival skills, navigation, mountain biking, sustainability and marine studies.

CCC has excellent facilities on site including our own climbing wall, abseil tower, canoeing dam and IMBA standard Mountain Biking track.  Students also partake in numerous excursions and camps to put into practice the philosophies, theory and skills they are learning. In Year 11 and 12 students can complete a Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation which provides pathways into careers or further study.

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