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We look forward to welcoming you and your child into our CCC community

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We want to make CCC accessible to everyone in the community. Through sibling discounts, scholarships and competitive fees, CCC remains one of the most affordable schools in the local region.

Sibling discounts are available to families within the CCC community. These apply to the Tuition Fees for each student’s year level:

Second child – 20% discount
Third child – 40% discount
Fourth child onward - free

Download our complete 2018 Fee Schedule

Each year we offer a limited number of scholarships for new students enrolling into Year 5, 7 and 9. Successful applicants receive a reduction in tuition fees for the first three years of enrolment. That means that if a student is awarded a scholarship in Year 7, for example, it will continue throughout their middle school education until the end of Year 9.  Continuation of all scholarships are subject to the student continuing to meet the requirements of the scholarship. 

Download for more details of Scholarships currently available.

STEM Scholarship Application Form

Instrumental Music Scholarship Application Form

Sport Scholarship Application Form

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