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Nature Space

In 2015 Nestle Gympie awarded CCC a Community and Environment grant to re-purpose a cow paddock and dam on our eastern boundary. It took a few months of excavation to enlarge the dam and put in a top class Mountain Bike track.

In January 2016 staff planted the first greenery in the CCC Nature Space, which was essentially a barren-looking patch of gravel and dirt. All of Primary and a procession of Year 8, 9 and 10 Outdoor Education students have been steadily retaining and greening up the berms and bare spots ever since.

Our Early Learning Centre and Primary students have opportunity to visit the Nature Space weekly to explore, discover and play! At CCC we believe that play, including nature play, is essential for a full and healthy childhood. Our Nature Space provides us a perfect environment to encourage this at CCC. Students are able to build resilience, creativity and problem solving skills through outdoor play.

Have you seen our Nature Space lately? These are some of the activities that have occurred in 2017 in our Nature Space, with many more possibilities. Why not email us an idea?

  • Bush cooking and fire making
  • Making cubbies, bridges and tee pees
  • Free Play
  • Milk bottle boats in the Float Your Boat Challenge
  • Canoeing and rafting
  • Planting, mulching, watering and weeding
  • Whale watch and problem solving activities
  • Art drawings and mapping for geography
  • Sitting in the yarning circle
  • Water testing and analysis for Science
  • A triathlon, hide and seek, skipping stones
  • Mountain biking and running fitness
  • Journalling and reflective activities
  • Observation and insect counts
  • Catching guppies
  • Making mud pies and extra washing for home!

    Come explore and discover in our Nature Space!

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