Cooloola Christian College - Gympie School - Prep
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CCC offers an engaging and excellent education for children from 2 ½ years
to Year 12



Prep provides the foundation of your child's success at school by developing:

  • a positive approach to learning;
  • independence and confidence;
  • thinking and problem-solving skills;
  • language skills;
  • early literacy and numeracy;
  • physical abilities, including gross and fine motor skills;
  • social, emotional and spiritual growth.

Our Prep teachers and support staff are caring and sensitive, helping your children transition to school life. Teachers work in partnership with parents. Prep children have focused learning and teaching time but also learn through play, investigations and real-life situations.

Having an Early Years to Senior school all on one campus also allows our Prep students to be integrated into the school with the help of Year 6 buddies at break times and Year 11 and 12 students helping throughout the week with gross motor activities. Our Prep students enjoy Creative Arts, Spanish and HPE specialist lessons throughout the week. Students also enjoy attending Chapel and Assembly. At CCC we are committed to making your child’s transition to formal schooling a positive and successful one. Prep helps develop and grow your child as a lifelong learner.

Some thoughts from our previous Prep students:

"Prep is great because you get to learn how to write" Matthew
"I love Prep because you get playtime" Isobella
"Prep is amazing because we get to play with iPads, go to Australia Zoo and go swimming" Lachlan
"My favourite part about Prep is all the learning I get to do and I get really smart" Mya

1 College Rd, Southside, Q 4570

5481 1000

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