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Why CCC?

At Cooloola Christian College we believe in our students. We believe that every child should be given the opportunity to become the person that God is calling them to be. At CCC we aim to provide excellence in education and strive to help each and every child achieve success across a range of learning experiences; whether that be a sporting endeavour, cultural pursuit, seeking outstanding academic success or learning to serve others.


We believe that every child can be innovative and has potential to be a world changer. We believe that every child is spectacular with their individual God-given gifts and talents. We believe that every child is creative and able to imagine and think outside the box. We believe that every child is curious and able to explore and discover many wonders. We believe in every child – let us support your child to be anything!

CCC will provide a safe, collaborative, innovative and distinctly Christian environment, that supports the academic, social, physical, emotional and spiritual development of both staff and students.

CCC Gympie will continue to serve and resource both Australian and Overseas partners, always seeking to follow God’s calling to grow the Kingdom of God on earth.

CCC will deliver an outstanding academic program that will equip students to fulfill the vocational call that God has upon their life.

What our community says…

Stefan - Year 9
Student at CCC

I enjoy going to school and having fun with friends and the teachers that work at the school, they are always kind and every helpful when stuck on questions or assessments. The students that come to this school are always welcoming and can help you with anything.

Gina and Karl Moore
Parents at CCC

Our children have been at CCC since Prep. They are now in Years 9, 7 & 3. We feel very blessed to be an active part of the family focused community within our school. Our Principals and teachers do their utmost to work alongside us as parents, to give each and every child the confidence and courage to shine and be the very best they can be. A beautiful, caring, nurturing environment is exactly what we wanted for our children and CCC provides this and so much more!

Aesthete Film and Photography
Local Film and Photography Business

We recently undertook the assignment of composing a promotional film for Cooloola Christian College, alongside the mastermind animation team over at Enriches Business! CCC’s enthusiasm for crafting an ad with such vibrancy and creativity speaks of how incredibly aware they are of the 21st century and in turn, of the new kinds of hearts and minds they are tasked with educating and nurturing. It is truly a credit to them for taking the leap and stepping outside of the box on this one!

Heather and Rob Kelly
Parents at CCC

CCC has provided more than an excellent academic education for our children. It has nurtured their creativity, supported their interests, celebrated their successes and worked with them when they struggled.