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Principal’s Welcome

Here at Cooloola Christian College we understand how vital it is that every child is given every opportunity to become the person that God is calling them to be. We value each and every child and want to help them achieve success across a range of experiences. Whether that be a sporting endeavour, or a cultural pursuit, whether it is seeking outstanding academic success, or learning to serve others.


Our goal is to help each young person grow in their gifts and talents and for them to be prepared to use these to benefit others in their community. The College offers the Australian Curriculum, with a biblical worldview, across a wide range of traditional subject areas.


Our rigorous academic program caters for students from Prep to Year 12, with ongoing support for all students, and extra assistance for those who require it. For many years our Year 12 graduates have consistently achieved outstanding results, twice placing our College in the Top 10 for Queensland schools*. God has a great desire to know each of us personally and it is through this relationship that we can determine our purpose and significance in life.


We want each child and their families to understand how important they are to God, and to help them discover the great plan that He has for their lives. Our staff make it a priority to care for each young person in our school family and I am so pleased that parents and children feel so safe, supported and nurtured.


Trevor Norman

*based on percentage of OP eligible students achieving the highest OP band (OP1-5)

Why choose Cooloola Christian College?


Reputation for excellence in education

Cooloola Christian College in Gympie provides opportunity for students to obtain skills and knowledge to equip them for life. Graduating students have repeatedly obtained outstanding OP results and gone on to further tertiary studies. Many students have also obtained apprenticeships and other forms of employment.


Safe and collaborative learning environment

Cooloola Christian College provides innovative learning experiences to cater for each student’s unique needs. Teachers at CCC are passionate about Christian education and value each student as uniquely created children of God.


Unique cultural and sporting opportunities

Students at CCC enjoy playing team sports and excel in sporting pursuits. Cooloola Christian College also provides opportunity for senior students to visit a sister school in the Solomon Islands, experiencing another culture.


Committed to serving the community

At CCC staff and students are passionate about serving others – locally, wider community and globally. From the early years students are encouraged to have a caring heart and helping hands, looking for ways to serve their peers, family and others.


Outstanding character and values

At CCC students are encouraged to be thoughtful, caring, loving, hardworking and creative. Biblical studies lessons (Primary), Axis lessons (Secondary), chapel, service activities and daily class discussions support students in developing Christ-like values. CCC adopts a Responsible Thinking Program to aid with behaviour management, this encourages students to take ownership of their actions and develop responsibility and healthy conflict resolution skills from a young age. At CCC we endeavour to grow your whole child, academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

Our Mission & Values


Growing God’s Kingdom, through Excellence in Education

We know that God has a great purpose for CCC and we have an important role in establishing His Kingdom on earth. We acknowledge God as our Father, Jesus as our Saviour and the Holy Spirit as our counsellor. Our goal is to become the leading educational institution in the Gympie region, drawing families to us by providing an outstanding education that opens career pathways and life opportunities regardless of an individual’s academic ability.


Teaching and Learning

CCC will deliver an outstanding academic program that will equip students to fulfill whatever God calls them to in the future. Teaching staff will be courageous, reflective practitioners seeking continuous improvement in their teaching practice.


Character and Culture

CCC will provide a safe, collaborative, innovative and distinctly Christian environment that supports the academic, social, physical, emotional and spiritual development of both staff and students.


Our Local and Global Community

CCC will become recognised as the school of choice in the Gympie region, characterised by

  • an excellent reputation for academic development
  • cultural and sporting opportunities
  • a commitment to community service
  • students of outstanding character and values as a direct result of a Christ-centred environment

CCC will continue to serve and resource both Australian and Overseas partners, always seeking to follow God’s calling to grow the Kingdom of God on earth.


Resources and Facilities

CCC will continue to grow to become a dual stream P-12 College, in partnership with a highly utilised on-site Early Learning Centre. CCC is committed to providing extensive and contemporary resources and innovative facilities to support and enhance the delivery of outstanding 21st century educational outcomes.

Our History


Cooloola Christian College grew out of the desire of a group of Christian parents to see Christian education available for their children. This vision spread to include the pastors from the Evangelical Ministers’ Fraternal͇ representing the churches from which these parents came. Cooloola Christian College was established in 1992 with an enrolment of 55 children and two teaching staff. The first six months were spent at the Gympie Christian Family Church site until the College moved to Kidgell Street. The College relocated in 1998 to its present site on a beautifully landscaped undulating 10 hectares – located on the Southside of Gympie. The College established a complete P – 12 school with the graduation of the Year 12 class of 2003. Current enrolment is approximately 405 students.

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.
Matthew 7:7


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