Cooloola Christian College

Cooloola Christian College is continuing to closely monitor the situation regarding the Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19. The College leadership team has been proactive in ensuring the safety and health of our community against any risks the current situation may present.

We have developed a risk management plan which outlines several mitigation strategies to address this issue. Our team meets regularly to:

  • Review reliable information sources;
  • Develop communication to the College community;
  • Review of College excursions and activities;
  • Monitor College community travel arrangements;
  • Review health issues within the College;
  • Develop infection control measures; and
  • Implement strategies to minimise disruption to Teaching and Learning.
Important COVID-19 Updates:
Staying Connected:

COVID-19 Health Directives

As the situation in Victoria continues to decline in relation to COVID-19, it is important that we stay vigilant to ensure the health and wellbeing of our College community. 

Return of all students

As you would be aware, the Government has approved a return to school for all Queensland students from Monday, May 25. As such, the College will no longer be providing ‘Learning from Home’ lesson arrangements from this date.

Staggered return to school

As you would be aware, the Government has announced a plan for a staggered return to school for all Queensland students. This directive applies to Independent Schools as well.

Assessment and Reporting – Semester 1, 2020

Given the significant changes to education which have occurred in response to COVID-19 this year, adjustments have been made to Assessment and Reporting for Semester 1, 2020.

Prayer and God's Word

This is a time for prayer and encouragement of others. Join us here for bible reading, devotions and prayer.

Continuity of Learning

Teaching and learning will continue at CCC.  We are equipped to support your children through this time.  Click here for more details on how we will be doing this throughout 2020.

Staying Connected

We value community and we will continue to support students and families through existing strategies and some new, exciting initiatives.  Let’s continue to encourage and support one another throughout this next season.

Parent Resources

As the situation grows seemingly worse, the hysteria surrounding this outbreak is causing great anxiety and angst to people everywhere, especially parents. Although children are considered to be in a lower risk category, this does not protect them from being exposed to news reports on television, radio or social media. As a parent it is important to reassure your child, dispel any myths or untruths, and help them feel informed, allowing them to focus more on positive messages.