Curriculum – Primary

The Primary Years at Cooloola Christian College are an enhancement and extension of the learning that has already happened in a child’s life. The College is passionate about supporting families to educate their childrenand developing lifelong learners The Primary Years program focuses on the Key Learning Areas giving students a range of foundational subjects with a strong emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy.


The Primary Years at Cooloola Christian College begin with Prep and continue through until Year 6. In each of these years, all students have specialist lessons in Creative Arts, Health and Physical Education and Spanish. Within each classroom, programs are delivered to cater for the many interests, needs and abilities of the children through a variety of experiences. Some students require support that is outside the everyday happenings of the classroom.


We endeavour to meet these needs through the learning support provided by our Enrichment Unit. The experienced Enrichment Unit staff work with students, their parents and teachers to assist them to become better equipped to undertake class work, assignments, tests and homework. A priority is given to verified students and those who qualify under the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data as being identified with a disability. These students are provided with an individual plan, with support to achieve this.


For those students who are gifted in different areas, opportunities are also provided for developing and exercising gifts in areas such as Opti-MINDS, Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, creative thinking, public speaking, mathematics, science and writing workshops and competitions.With everything that is done in the Primary School, all staff work together, seeking to provide the best educational program for each child within their care.

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We want CCC to be accessible to every family in the community. Through sibling discounts, scholarships and competitive fees, CCC remains one of the most affordable schools in the local region. Average Primary fees are $58 per week and Secondary fees are $80 per week, including all camps and excursions.