Curriculum – Secondary (7-10)

Our Year 7-10 curriculum helps to bridge students between Primary and Senior by caring for, stimulating and challenging students. Year 7 is a transition year through which students will be increasingly integrated into secondary studies and processes in a manner that will ease them into the new systems and prepare them for Years 8 and 9. During the year, they will have key teachers for the core subjects, Maths & Science, History, Geography & Living Today.


Specialist subject teachers will cover the additional offerings of Art, Drama, Music, Technology, and Health & Physical Education. Years 8 to Year 10 will see students exposed to the more traditional secondary schooling format, with a range of teachers taking responsibility for their subjects. As students proceed from Year 7 to Year 10 they will progress from largely teacher directed study to increasingly self-motivated and self-directed study, utilising the teacher as one of many resources contributing to their learning journey.


Year 7 to Year 10 students are also provided many co-curricular opportunities such as Football Academy, Beyond the Classroom experiences and SPIN (Special Interest) Activities. Students requiring extra assistance continue to be supported through our Enrichment Unit and MLC (Multi-Level Classroom). Our Year 7-10 curriculum aims to meet the needs of young maturing adolescents.

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We want CCC to be accessible to every family in the community. Through sibling discounts, scholarships and competitive fees, CCC remains one of the most affordable schools in the local region. Average Primary fees are $58 per week and Secondary fees are $80 per week, including all camps and excursions.