At CCC, we recognise the importance of our partnership with parents in providing the very best educational opportunities for students learning and growth, and to do so in a safe environment. We are all acutely aware of the significant impact technology has on our everyday lives and the way in which we learn and communicate. 

CCC is hosting a series of four parenting information workshops (one each term this year) focussing on a range of topics.

The first workshop in this series entitled ‘Be eSmart’ unpacked how to keep our families safe online in a rapidly changing technological world. The workshop was conducted by Andrew Smith.  Andrew is a Christian, father, teacher and IT professional currently working as a full time web developer.  

Below are 5 key points from his workshop.  The full workshop, including technological safety information, is available to view on Facebook.   


Communication is key.  We should want open dialogue and conversations with our children about their use of technology.  We want to teach them to be open and honest and not to hide things from us.  Through open communication we can teach them healthy habits and responsibility of their technology usage.


See video of workshop for full anaology.  What habits we spend the most time ‘feeding’ will be the ones that define and consume us.  Don’t let technology addiction consume our children.  Encourage them to balance screen time with green time.  Set healthy limits and guidelines.


It’s hard to undo habits after they are established.  It is better to set healthy family expectations and guidelines around technology usage in the beginning.


Be aware of the signs of an unhealthy dependency and addiction on technology.  How do your children respond when you take it off them?  Are they being honest with their usage?  Is there open communication?  Is it hindering their relationships and other responsibilities?  Is it distracting them from other work?


The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. –  John 10:10

The key to a real, full life is through a relationship with Jesus.  Time spent online (gaming, YouTube, etc) takes away from time spent building a relationship with Jesus and a relationship with others.