Thanks for making our classes an amusing place to be. Laughter is a good medicine.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to play lots of volleyball with you. I enjoy it immensely.

Thanks for all the hard questions.  It challengs me to be a better teacher.

Thanks for listening to me talk about Jesus. He is “that” important.

Thanks to my futsal players.  Some moments in games and training are unforgettable.

Thanks for the trips to the Solomon Islands. What a privilege to go with so many of you.

Thanks for the ski trips.  Simply awesome.


I believe the right mindset is more important than your natural ability.  Challenge yourself.

I believe it’s not about the result it’s about giving it your best effort.  Then you can rest easy.

I believe you can do a little better than you expect. Let’s give it a go together.

I believe in a balance. All work and no play make for a dull class.

I believe two are better than one. Ask for help.

I believe Jesus is Lord.

Mr V

Secondary Maths Teacher