Dear CCC Community,

As you may know, there are many different languages that are spoken in South Africa. One of our eleven official languages is Zulu. In Zulu when greeting someone you say, “sawubona.” In English this would be translated as “hello.” However, “sawubona” actually carries far greater meaning than the English translation. When interpreted, the phrase actually means something closer to: “I see you.” Though our two communities are thousands and thousands of kilometres apart and separated by vast oceans, you have seen us. You have seen our community and our long-term struggle against poverty, violence and poor education as well as our current struggle with lockdowns and viruses and you have said four very simple but powerful words: “We can do something.”

Collectively the CCC Community raised ZAR 8030.43, a significant sum in our currency. This money helped us to purchase food for children and their families who would otherwise go without. You have saved lives and helped to shine the light and love of Jesus into a Community with little hope for a future beyond poverty and crime. It’s hard to describe in words how much you have done for these children, and even harder to adequately express our gratitude. We are humbled by your gift and so greatly appreciate your kindness. Siyabonga. Thank you.

Nkosi sikelel’ Afrika! God bless Africa, and God bless Cooloola Christian College.

With love,

The Joseph Project Community