In recent years our school has embraced the concept of “Learn to Serve, Serve to Learn.”

This way of thinking about community recognises the importance of having head knowledge and a heart attitude that motivates acts of service. There is overwhelming evidence that shows that young people who regularly engage in service activities are more likely to be happy, physically and emotionally healthy and far less likely to engage in negative behaviours.

Reshaping student leadership at CCC


The biblical model for leadership focusses less on positions and titles and more on the attitude of the heart (Phil 2:1-7).  This year’s leadership team will seek to serve the other Primary students and work to make a difference in our CCC community and beyond.

Our leadership team will have the opportunity to make an impact in a variety of different ways including Prep buddies; running the Primary weekly assembly; public speaking; sports carnivals; Kids4Kids fundraising; sports cupboard and being responsible for our Australian Flag.

“The staff and I have witnessed our young student leaders stepping out of their comfort zones and becoming involved in a variety of different roles and shared responsibilities. They have been a great encouragement to one another. We are very proud of the way they have conducted themselves thus far”.

             – Ross Waltisbuhl (Head of Primary)

Lew O’Brien, the federal member for Wide Bay came to CCC to present our Primary leaders with a new Australian flag.  He talked about the meaning of each element of the flag design and reminded us that the flag helps us celebrate all the good things about Australia and to remember the sacrifices that many have made to preserve the freedom we enjoy as a nation.

Mr O’Brien also taught our students how to unfurl and fold the flag with respect.  Even though it was a short visit he took time to commend our school and the Christian values that are taught here.

You will see our brand new flag flying between A and B Block each day unless it is raining.