At CCC we acknowledge the tremendous variations in both the timing and rate of growth​ between individuals within a cohort. We understand that the changes our students are undergoing will impact upon their learning and well-being so we are exploring classroom management strategies that address these ongoing changes.

Middle Years teachers are designing lessons that include a range of sensory motor experiences and emotion to increase attention span and enhance memory​. They are using inquiry or problem-based learning to encourage students to ask and answer questions.​ They are encouraging students to write reflectively each day to strengthen connections in the brain thus giving students time to consolidate learning and seek meaning between various activities.​ Peer collaboration and co-operative learning is encouraged, making use of the great range of academic and social maturities while developing group problem-solving skills. Students are sometimes allowed to make choices in their learning that are relevant to their interests.

Middle years classrooms ​are flexible learning spaces that allow students freedom of movement and some choice (within parameters) in where, when and how they work.

– Article by Vicki Venz (Head of Middle Years)