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2020 Prep @ CCC
Transition Mornings – Wed 30th Oct, Wed 13th Nov & Tues 26th Nov – 9:30am
Because every child matters

Come along and see how our Prep teaching staff encourage children to create, explore and grow!

Our new Preppies are welcome to join in the fun by exploring and investigating their new learning environment for 2020. The children will engage in a morning of tuning in for the day and spend time investigating new learning areas, this aligns with our Walker Learning Approach. They will experience a typical morning routine of Prep including fruit break and morning tea (10:50am).

As this is a transition time for your child, we ask that you drop off your child with their lunch boxes (fruit break and morning tea) at 9:30am and pick them up at 11:00am. Please feel welcome to visit Solid Grounds Coffee, right next to our Prep area, if you want to stay close or just enjoy a relaxing morning coffee and treat.

Contact us today if you require more information admin@ccc.qld.edu.au.

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