Outback Service Trip

Serving our community 2021

What is the Outback Service Trip?

At CCC, our goal is to educate young people and prepare them for adulthood. To foster this, our Year 9 and 10 students participate in fortnightly ‘service’ lessons. During these lessons, students learn more about the benefits of serving others while engaging in practical experiences serving their peers, school community and the greater community of Gympie. As an extension of these service lessons, in 2021 it is proposed that CCC will launch the first of many Outback Service Trips. Research has shown that the learning outcomes of service involvement are significant and transformative for both students and communities. Additionally, in the face of the youth mental health epidemic, service involvement can be a powerful preventative strategy, and tool to counter the trends of growing disengagement in young people.

Where will we go?

This year, the trip will run from the 29th of March until the 11th of April 2021, the Outback Service team will travel from Gympie to a number of rural and indigenous communities including Charleville, Quilpe, Wyandra and Cunnamulla. The team will be partnering with local churches, Chaplains and organisations to undertake visits to local primary schools and nursing homes to share the Easter message, as well as property visits and the organisation of community events for children and families. These programs will be led and implemented by our student team. It is our hope to empower and encourage our students through this service learning experience as well as empower and encourage rural and indigenous communities suffering from prolonged drought, social issues and the COVID-19 crisis.