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Policies & Reports

Please note that additional policy documents are available to parents/carers via Parent Lounge.

Annual Report

This report has been produced by Cooloola Christian College to meet reporting obligations of the Queensland and Australian Governments.

Annual Report 2020

Anti-Discrimination Policy

To ensure that students and staff are aware of their rights to be treated with equity and fairness, and without discrimination.

POLICY – Anti-Discrimination

Complaints and Grievances Policy

This policy sets the guidelines for the resolution of College complaints and grievances.

POLICY – Complaints and Grievances

Family Law Policy

To outline Cooloola Christian College’s response to matters in relation to family law issues and to describe how the College responds to requests by parents/carers who have no contractual arrangements with the College for information about, and access to, their child(ren). 

POLICY – Family Law

Privacy Policy

To guide the collection, use and disclosure of personal information in relation to the College.

POLICY – Privacy

School Satisfaction Survey

At Cooloola Christian College we are keen to ensure that our school is meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.  Please see a snapshot of our recent satisfaction survey. 

2019 School Satisfaction Survey – SNAPSHOT

Student Protection Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide written processes about:
(a) how the school will respond to harm, or allegations of harm, to students under 18 years; and
(b) the appropriate conduct of the school’s staff and students
to comply with accreditation requirements.

POLICY – Student Protection

Whistleblower Policy

This policy exists to encourage the reporting of corrupt, illegal or other undesirable contact at the College. It outlines how individuals can appropriately make disclosures about these matters, and how the College will protect those individuals from detrimental consequences.

POLICY – Whistleblower