Solomon Islands Ministry

Our History


In September of 2006, we sent a team of 12 students and 3 leaders to Gizo and Marivari for a 14 day Ministry Trip. This was a wonderful time of learning, sharing and celebrating in our unity with our Solomon brothers and sisters in Christ. However, this was intended to be only the beginning of an ongoing connection between Cooloola Christian College and the people of the Solomon Islands. In 2009, we established a sister school relationship with Maravari Primary School on Vella La Vella and since then we have run many more trips including our most recent trips in 2014, 2016 and 2018 where we have helped in the early stages of setting up a new Bible College in Noro, developed the first Christian radio station in the western province and provided much needed resources to those in need such as solar lights, dental hygiene and solar radios receivers.

Our Vision


Our overseas ministry trips give students and staff an opportunity to apply their faith in an exciting, challenging and worthwhile ministry. Notice that this is not called a mission trip. This is because we go to the Solomon Islands to “minister” to the local church and the wider community. Although our programs will undoubtedly draw children, youth and adults that don’t yet know Jesus, our primary focus is to work with schools, community groups and churches, providing practical support, activities and fellowship that will be a blessing to both our team and the people we meet.

Our College is very aware that a faith in God without action results in a failure to fulfil Gods purpose for our lives. He expects us not only to learn about Him through studying His word, but to apply what we learn in practical ways – we are to be His hands and His feet. This beliefs builds the core of our service attitude at Cooloola Christian College and sets our students apart.

Understandably, visiting people whose culture is so different to our own will bring challenges that will develop cultural understanding, an expanded world view and a unique experience of God’s extended “Family”.

In summary, our vision is to help shape the worldview of our students through meaningful connections, Christian service and ministry opportunities with our Solomon neighbours. ​

2016 Ministry Trip Video

2018 Ministry Trip Video

About the Solomon Islands


Forming a scattered archipelago of mountainous islands and low-lying coral atolls, the Solomon Islands stretch about 1450 km in a south-easterly direction from the Shortland Islands to the Santa Cruz Islands. There are six major and approximately 992 smaller islands, atolls and reefs. The archipelago covers are area of about 461,000 square kilometres while the land area is 28,446 square kilometres. The six biggest islands are Choiseul, New Georgia, Santa Isabel, Guadalcanal, Malaita and Makira. They are characterised by thickly-forested mountain ranges intersected by deep, narrow valleys.

The climate is tropical, though temperatures are rarely extreme due to cooling winds blowing off the surrounding seas.
Gizo is the second largest town in the Solomon Islands, and serves as the provincial centre to the Western Provence. It is situated on the island of Ghizo (different spelling, same pronunciation). With the appearance of a ‘shanty town’, the main street runs along the waterfront lined with small stores and an open air market. Views in most directions show palm tree studded islands ringed by coral reef and clear waters.