The Walker Learning Approach

Cooloola Christian College is excited to be embarking on The Walker Learning Approach journey, in our Prep classes, in 2020!

The Walker Learning Approach (WLA) is an Australian designed teaching and learning approach (pedagogy) based on over 20 years of research. It authentically personalises learning and is developmentally and culturally appropriate. Walker Learning is an approach to teaching and learning that values the whole child, their individual development and interests.

This approach values students as active participants in their learning and realises that all children develop at different rates, have different interests and have diverse needs. Learning is real, relevant and meaningful for all children regardless of their age. Clear learning goals and intentions are set up by the teacher and known by the students.

Walker Learning aims to equip students with the skills they need to engage effectively with curriculum content as well as develop the skills they need for life. These include social and communication skills, problem solving skills and addressing emotional needs and development.

The Walker Learning approach uses students investigations to engage and relate their current knowledge and understanding to the learning goals and content of explicit teaching. The explicit teaching sessions in the second half of the day help to make learning deeper, wider and more focussed in investigation time.

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